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HPH London are heavily committed to using environmentally considerate, responsible business practices

Mission Statement

We recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.


General Commitments

  • To reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

  • To promote the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle)

  • To meet the requirements of quality and environmental system

  • To provide the best service for our clients whilst managing waste and resources

  • To reuse and recycle materials wherever it makes sense to do so

  • To minimise vehicle emissions in line with ULEZ restrictions

  • To limit the use of vehicles on the road and use public transport whenever possible 

  • To operate the business in an environmentally sensitive manner

  • To include environmental impact as a consideration in purchasing decisions

  • To use waste removal companies using best practice disposal methods

  • No to dispose of materials to landfill when less environmentally damaging methods of disposal are available

  • To use battery powered/electric tools when possible

  • Promote low voltage, LED lighting on our sites and in offices

  • To push our designers, architects and clients into using sustainable recycled materials with a low carbon footprint wherever possible

Waste Disposal

The waste disposal companies we use transfer all waste to Environmentally Licensed Landfills. The landfills operate ethically and fully comply with all regulations giving us confidence we deal with your waste responsibly.


Wood is sorted by grade before sending it for a range of purposes including biomass, animal bedding, chipboard manufacture, and simple heating fuel.


Screening processes are used to separate hardcore. Most of the hardcore is then sent for a variety of uses back into the construction industry.


All soil is screen and chemically tested by our carriers. Providing it’s of legal quality, the soil is then sent to various land restoration projects.


Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are sorted for onward distribution by our carriers. Refiners and metal producers buy these metals for smelting and reprocessing.


Plastics are separated by our carriers then sent for further separating, sorting, cleaning, and shredding. Recycled plastics are then used in different types of product manufacturing.

Paint Tins

Paint tins are emptied by our carriers and then cleaned. Metal tins are separated and collected by metals recycling outlets. Plastic tins are separated and collected by plastic recycling outlets.

Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard are separated from other wastes by our carriers enabling them to be sent to paper recycling companies in the UK.


Plasterboard has toxic properties so must be removed from general waste by law. Once this is done it is then sent to specialist recycling companies.

Green waste

Green waste is separated by our carriers from other materials and sent to manufacturers and others who use it for compost, wood chip, and other purposes. 


As all projects involving any kind of demolition require an up to date renovation and demolition asbestos survey by law, we hire in specially trained asbestos companies to carry this out and remove it whenever present. Unfortunately, due the to harmful nature of asbestos fibres, it is disposed of in landfills that have specific permits authorising it to accept asbestos.

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