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HPH London are heavily committed to using environmentally considerate, responsible business practices.

We salvage what we can to sell in our Shop and donate all sales to charity - see Charity below.


HPH ensure to:

- Push our designers, architects and clients into using sustainable recycled materials with a low carbon footprint wherever possible.

- Dispose rubbish through a licensed specialist who split and recycle whenever possible (see their recycling policy).

- Limit our vehicle usage on the road.

- Use battery powered/electric tools.

- Promote low voltage lighting on our sites.

- Be as paperless as possible.


100% of the money from products sold in our shop for salvaged parts is donated to Origin Africa.

Origin Africa is a fantastic non-profit organisation that funds grassroots African entrepreneurs and local leaders - all of whom follow sustainable practices - to create positive social impact in impoverished areas of Mali, The Gambia and Ethiopia.

Where Origin Africa provide toilets, running water, and other constructional utilities, HPH offer advice and resources, pro bono.

Origin Africa are friends of HPH London. We receive no commission for any referral made on their behalf, or payment from them of any kind.


If you would like more information about our ethical practices, or even have further ideas to suggest, please don't hesitate to get in touch.